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Welcome to The Purebred Great Danes Family! In 2000, we created The Purebred Great Danes Family because of pure love for the Greta Dane breed and with the intent to connect healthy Great Dane puppies with caring families. We breed for temperament, size and overall general health. Our Great Dane puppies are very quality breed. We strive to raise the best puppies that we can so that we can make other families as happy with our puppies as we are with them. They are raised very socialized and handled everyday from the day they are born so they are very spoiled with lots of love and attention.

We strongly discourage against all breeding practices in which the health and well-being of innocent dogs and puppies are compromised. All our Puppies for sale carries a minimum of a 30-day health guarantee.


Note: When you purchase your puppy from us the first thing that you need to do is to take the dog to a licensed vet within 30 days to make sure he/she is in good health condition else our refunds policy will not apply.

We invite any feedback you may have for us. Feel free to email us at milesfamily009@gmail.com

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Great Danes have an innate need to please, so your puppy will be easy to train. Since your Great Dane is so large, it is important to start as early as you can to help him learn good behavior. This will ensure that, as he grows, he will listen to you and follow your lead. This will be easier for you because he will be harder to convince to do things the older and larger he gets.
The earliest you can start to train your Great Dane is at around eight to 11 weeks old.


Punishing or beating your Great Danes when he is not acting in the way you want him to is out of the question. Instead of learning from your punishment, your Great Dane will learn to be scared of you or learn to hate you. If your Great Dane behaves out of fear of punishment from you, your dog may become frustrated or anxious. This may lead pent up anger which may cause your Great Dane to become aggressive.
Given the size of a Great Dane, you could be a danger if the aggressive behavior is turned on you. This means that it is even more imperative for such a large dog.

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If your Great Dane is behaving badly or is engaging in behavior that he shouldn’t, you should give short, sharp commands in a calm voice. This should be a phrase, such as “No” or “Uh oh”, that you say firmly to him.
Once your Great Dane corrects his behavior, you can praise him for that behavior.
Even if your Great Dane does not respond right away, do not get upset, yell, or hit your dog. This will only make him fear you.


No portion of training your Great Dane will happen over night. You just have to keep with all the different types of training. Your dog will eventually catch on as long as you stick with it.
If a particular treat is not working, mix it up. If the training method is not working just right, switch up how you are approaching it to ensure that you are reaching your dog and training them as successfully as possible

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